Membership - Our membership is a little different to most gyms we don't just hand you a swipe card and send you on your way. All our memberships include gym access, full-time supervision for spotting & technique correction so you don't have to worry if you're unsure of how to perform an exercise, customised programming which is changed every 4 weeks by our head coach as well as optional strength testing every 3 months, all this for only $40/week or $20/week without programming. Membership is capped at 50 people to ensure you can walk in at anytime of the day without long waits to use the equipment.

Coaching - All our coaches regularly compete in strength sports and have ongoing educational requirements to maintain their positions at TTC. Our team have all spent time learning from industry leaders such as Chad Smith (RP strength) Luke Leaman (muscle nerds inc) Dan Garner (team garner) Charles Poliquin (strength sensei) Tom Hibbert (winning solutions) just to name a few.

Coaching prices $80/45min session - $70/45min session for TTC membersĀ 

Online coaching from $40/week or kick off with templates from our online store