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Programming for strength 2: Intensity.

When we talk about training intensity this can often mean different things to different people. To some it means the effort they exert, to others it’s related to the psychological readiness and focus they bring to a training session. But for the most part, when people refer to intensity the definition is actually quite far…

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Programming for strength 1: How do we get stronger (or bigger or faster!)

There are many fundamental principles that we need to improve in any sport/activity. These can be related to both acquiring the set of physical skills to perform it effectively and safely, the mental attributes to deal with stress, fatigue and stay motivated. In order to progress we need to test, evaluate and program our training…

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What Powerlifting/Strength Program is right for you? Five key Things to Consider.

You only have to search for ‘powerlifting program’ on Google to see that there are hundreds of different protocols available out there from a whole host of experts, world record holders and coaches. It is therefore understandable that one of the questions we get asked most frequently is ‘Which strength program is the best?’ The…

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