Deadlift tip #1 Grip tip

When it comes to the deadlift it’s safe to say mixed grip (one hand over + one hand under) is the most widely used grip choice. This is purely because for the larger percentage of people this is the most optimal and strongest grip choice to lift the maximal amount of weight possible.

Although this is the strongest grip for performance, a structural imbalance and increased injury problem can occur when you only exclusively deadlift mixed grip. This is because when the shoulder has to externally rotate and the hand supinates to get into the mixed grip position, the shoulder is thrown back into a more forward protracted position. This position in combination with the supinated hand places increased stress through the bicep group especially the long head of the bicep that crosses the front side of the glenn-humeral joint.

Take aways to reduce this problem......

  • Warm up double overhand grip as close as you can to working set weight
  • Try hook-grip if you can bare the thumb pain
  • Try even alternating the underhand grip occasionally (for structural balance not injury prevention)